Dr. Jack A. Goldstone



Virginia E. And John T. Hazel Jr. Professor at the George Mason School of Public Policy. Eminent Scholar.

Director of the Center for Global Policy.

George Mason University
School of Public Policy MS 3B1
3401 Fairfax Dr., Arlington VA  22201
Tel: 703-993-1409
e-mail: jgoldsto@gmu.edu
webpage: http://policy.gmu.edu/faculty/goldstone


Some Recent Publications

Goldstone, J. (2014). Revolutions: A Very Short Introduction. New York & Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Goldstone, J.; Kaufmann, E. P. & Dufy, M., eds. (2011). Political Demography: How Population Changes Are Reshaping International Security and National Politics. New York & Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Goldstone, J. (2008). Why Europe? The Rise of the West in World History 1500-1850. New York: McGraw-Hill.



Goldstone, J. (2002). "Efflorescences and Economic Growth in World History: Rethinking the 'Rise of the West' and the British Industrial Revolution". Journal of World History, no. 13, pp. 323-389.

Goldstone, J. (1998). "The Problem of the Early Modern World". JESHO, no. 41,3, pp. 249-284.