Dr. Jayne Svenungsson



Professor of Systematic Theology at Lund University.

Centre for Theology and Religious Studies
Lund University
Box 192
221 00 Lund, Sweden
Tel. +46 730 34 37 97
E-mail: jayne@svenungsson.net
Webpage: https://lu.academia.edu/JayneSvenungsson


Some Recent Publications

Svenungsson, J. (2015). Divining History: Prophetism, Messianism and the Development of the Spirit. New York & Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Svenungsson, J. ; Bornemark, J. & Martinson, M., eds. (2014). Monument and Memory. München: LIT Verlag.

Svenungsson, J.; Namli, E. & Vincent, A. M., eds. (2014). Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution. Ámsterdam: Rodopi.



Svenungsson, J. (2014). "A Secular Utopia: Remark on the Löwith–Blumenberg Debate", in Namli, E. Svenungsson, J. & Vincent, A., eds. Jewish Thought, Utopia and Revolution. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, pp., 69–84.

Svenungsson, J. (2014). “Notes on a Tragedy: Freud on the Great War”. Conference paper, Theologies and the Great War, Winchester, 2014.

Svenungsson, J. (2011). “Enlightened Prejudices: Anti-Jewish Tropes in Modern Philosophy”, en Ers, A. & Ruin, H., eds. Conceptualizing History: Essays on History, Memory and Representation. Huddinge: Södertörn University, pp. 279-290.

Svenungsson, J. (2010). “Wrestling with Angels: Or How to Avoid Decisionist Messianic Romances”. International Journal of Zizek Studies, vol. 4, no. 4.

Svenungsson, J. (2010). “Tradition and Transformation: Towards a Messianic Critique of Religion”, en Bornemark, J. & Ruin, H., eds. Phenomenology and Religion: New Frontiers. Huddinge: Södertörn University, pp. 205-222.