Welcome to this new web portal on historical culture, theory of history and historiography. Its aim is to offer a wide and well-linked range of pdf-format texts written by leading scholars in these fields, in an attractive format. We also incorporate a substantial number of links, commentaries on historical films and novels and other didactic resources.

Because we live in an increasingly multilingual society, we also offer an English version of the web, including within it a considerable number of texts in English and other languages, if they are relatively widely used among the intended users of this portal: professors, university students and educated individuals who wish to know how representations of the past that are commonly found today (or yesterday) in the public sphere were created and spread.

This project saw the light in April 2009. We would like to thank the favourable reception given (more than 500,000 visits). That has been possible for the collaboration by a considerable number of colleagues from the International Commission on History and Theory of Historiography, by my own university (the University of Barcelona, UB) and other universities throughout the world. In addition, it is a consequence of reflection carried out in the Master’s degree in Historical Culture and Communication at the UB, now in its eleventh year. However, for the moment at least, it is a personal rather than an institutional initiative.

Our policy as regards copyright seeks to combine the maintenance of legal rights together with the maximum diffusion possible of the contents, which are entrusted to us without commercial aims, in accordance with the wishes and preferences of the copyright holders.

We hope that this portal is a good platform for re-exploring the elasticity of the human condition over the course of time. I would like to reiterate my welcome to the site, in both my own name and also in that of the subdirector and webmaster, Enrique Sánchez Costa, and of all those who have put their enthusiasm into preparing this communicative offer.

Dr. Fernando Sánchez Marcos

Professor Emeritus of Early Modern History at the University of Barcelona

Founder and Director of www.culturahistorica.es